Oyama Shrine is revered in Kanazawa as its principal shrine, and is cherished as the spiritual home of the citizens of Kanazawa.Embark on a sacred journey through a special prayer experience and traditional 'naorai' practice at the shrine, followed by a tour of the city to enjoy Kanazawa's traditional culture, cuisine, and local community.

How to Join


Buy a ticket!

Two types of tickets are available. Oyama Jinja Shrine 150th Anniversary Limited Edition “Goshuin” Seal Ticket Package: 1,500 yen Special Nighttime Prayer Ticket Package: 3,000 yen These ticket packages also include a Kanazawa Cultural Facilities Pass (1-Day Pass) to Kanazawa's Cultural Facilities


Visit Oyama Jinja Shrine!

First, come greet the shrine deities, and offer prayers to enrich your trip. Guests at the evening prayer experience can also witness a special miko (shrine maiden) dance. (Reservations required.)


Enjoy an evening stroll through the town!

Come receive blessings from the deities by touring Kanazawa's historic locations that grew and prospered around Oyama Jinja Shrine. Enjoy Kanazawa's local cuisine with special discounts, learn about the local history at the cultural facilities, and interact with the locals to enhance your experience.


"Oyama Jinja Shrine"

A special experience of evening visit and prayer are available for an additional fee.

Kanazawa Yoru-Meguri Stroll
To all participants
Please answer Questionnaire

Those who respond to the questionnaire will receive a gift of edible gold leaf.


November 27 (Mon) - December 10 (Sun), 2023
Special evening prayer at Oyama Jinja Shrine
Weekdays / 18:00、19:00
Sunday,Sunday / 17:00、18:00、19:00

Special light up at Oyama Jinja Shrine
Special evening prayer reception
Oyama Jinjya Shrine
〒920-0918 11-1 Oyama-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
Goshuin seal exchange reception
4-1 Minami-machi,Kanazawa,Ishikawa Kanazawa new grand building1F
Inquiries about tickets
■Kanazawa City Tourism Policy Division
hour/ 9:00~17:45
date /October 6(mon)~December8(Fri)(Service available Monday to Friday)
mail / kankou@city.kanazawa.lg.jp


Oyama Jinjya Shrine

Special Evening Prayer reception.
Goshuin Seals exchange spot
Please arrive at the venue 10 minutes before your participation time.
Special Evening Prayer reception /16:00~19:00

Train:5 minutes by taxi from kanazawa station.
Bus: Hokutetsu bus Minami-machi.Oyama jinjya Shrine

Kanazawa Central Tourist Information Center

Goshuin Seals exchange spot / 10:00~16:00
※please visit information center

About 3 minutes by foot from the Minami-cho・Oyama Jinja Shrine bus stop (No.RL13 or LL2) on the KANAZAWA LOOP BUS route.

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